New research discovers vulnerability in an archived Apache project

April 23, 2024

Research has discovered a vulnerability in an Apache project that could lead to remote code execution inside of the production environment.  View Full Coverage

88% of respondents will focus security investments on cloud security

April 23, 2024

According to a recent cybersecurity priorities report, security analysts maintain that up to 57% of their daily tasks could be automated. View Full Coverage

66% of IT leaders doubt the government can defend against cyberwarfare

April 19, 2024

In a recent report, two-thirds of IT leaders express a lack of confidence in the United States government's ability to defend against cyberwarfare. View Full Coverage

Report finds a near 20% increase in ransomware victims year-over-year

April 19, 2024

The number of victims experiencing ransomware incidents has risen since Q1 of 2023, rising by nearly 20% by Q1 of 2024.  View Full Coverage

Pentesting accounts for an average of 13% of total IT security budgets

April 17, 2024

A recent report has emphasized the prevalence and importance of pentesting among enterprise security teams.  View Full Coverage

Nevada loses the most money to cybercrime

April 16, 2024

The widespread financial burden of cybercrime in the U.S. was recently analyzed by NoDepositRewards using data from the 2023 FBI crime report. View Full Coverage

Report finds that only 5% of businesses have a cyber expert

April 12, 2024

Although cybersecurity is vital to an organization’s financial success, many companies do not have a designated cyber expert.  View Full Coverage

A vulnerability in Linux distributions may allow unauthorized access

April 11, 2024

A recently detected vulnerability in many Linux distributions may open the door for malicious actors to gain unauthorized access.  View Full Coverage

Security leaders weigh in on the White House's order regarding AI

April 10, 2024

The White House held a press call in regard to the federal government's approach to AI, and security leaders are sharing their thoughts.  View Full Coverage

51% of check fraud victims had been targeted two or more times

April 09, 2024

Almost a third of Americans surveyed (31%) admitted to either not following best practices to avoid check fraud or being unsure whether they do so.  View Full Coverage

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